Retirement Information

Questions about your pension are best answered by a pensions specialist. The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board provides this service on line and by telephone. As well, you can sign up on the site to receive the newsletter Pension News electronically.

The OTPP site also provides a wealth of information on the investments and governance of the plan.

Should you take your Canada Pension (CPP) at 60? General information on the Canada Pension Plan and the necessary forms are available at the Human Resources and Social Development Canada website. Until you are 65, CPP is added to your teachers’ pension. Once you are 65, the CPP is integrated with your OTPP. Click here for the information.


The Pensions and Retirement Concerns committee of RTO/ERO researches and monitors organizations and issues related to seniors, retired and active educators, and retirees in general. They keep up to date on the latest pension information and provide advice as to how RTO/ERO will communicate information to its members. A particular focus at present is the development and implementation of an advocacy campaign surrounding the issues of Bill C27, and support for defined benefit plans, such as ours, in general, in advance of the 2019 Federal election.