About District 48

Who we are

District 48 is a district of the Retired Teachers of Ontario, RTOERO, a voluntary organization of over 80,000 retired teachers and others who worked in the education field. It provides its members with comprehensive health and travel insurance plans, a travel program, and acts as an advocate for retirees, seniors and the education community.

As you peruse the various facets of this website, if you have any comments, or would like to join in the activities of District 48, please contact President Stephen Elliott.

Curious about RTTOERO and its programs? Application forms for membership and our member-owned insurance plans can be accessed here.


Project Service to Others Local Grants Program

Application Deadline is October 1, 2021

Each year, District 48 is pleased to award grants of up to $500 to local organizations that work for the benefit of our local community. If you work with a non profit local group and would like to access these funds, please use one of the application forms below.

To complete the application ON LINE (in MS WORD), click here.

To complete the application by hand (a PDF document), click here


10th Annual General Meeting and Awards Presentations

The Committee reports from the Annual Meeting are available here.


Renseignement en français

Si vous voulez du renseignement de la région en français, veuillez contacter le site EstaRIO à http://www.estario.ca. Si vous voulez inscrire à RTO/ERO, vous aurez tout renseignement nécessaire en français. Veuillez contacter https://www.rto-ero.org/fr/.